Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is the ultimate solution in protecting your vehicle. Composed from thermoplastic urethane, this film creates a flexible and durable invisible layer moulded to your vehicles surfaces, whilist enhancing your vehicles existing Paintwork with an additional level of gloss and adding a self-healing top coat that is both scratch resistant and extremely durable.


Paint Protection Film is 100% removable from factory paintwork.

Self Healing Technology

Exposure to heat eliminates scuff marks, fine scratches and swirl marks

Ultra Clear

Highly transparent film developed to protect the vehicle without altering its appearance

UV Protection

Preserve the original shine and lustre of your paint against yellowing and cracking

Retain Value

Retain The value of your Car Paint Protection Film keeps your car in near perfect condition ensuring maximum return upon resale

10yr Warranty

Minimum 10 year manufactures warranty

Stone Chip Resistance

Film flexibility resists stones off surface with minum effects to panel

Template Database

Database of over 8000 vehicles Precision laser cut to fit with no cutting on your vehicle

Easy Maintainence

Anti-adhesion properties provide less buildup of dirt and dust ensuring less frequent cleaning and ease of washing


Here at the Paint Protection Centre our focus is on tailoring your ppf installation to your needs. Our three tier system allows you to choose your level of finnish and protection. Most installers only give you one option which can be limited by their skill set as well as what they can offer in regards to templates for a given vehicle. Here are the paint protection centre we offer many levels of protection in relevance to your budget and expectations with full transparency of the end result. The difference is in the detail, we know you take pride in your vehicle and we take pride in our product

  • Experience with all car brands and vehicles
  • Certified installer
  • Over 20 years experience
  • New and latest products used
  • Warranty Guarenteed
  • Dealership Reccomended
  • Client satisfaction driven
  • Refined Template Edges
  • Full Panel Coverage
  • Edge Wrapping
  • 15yr Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ultra Range Material
  • Precise Edge Alignment
  • Ultimate Panel Coverage
  • Edge Wrapping
  • 15yr Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ultra Range Material

Paint Protection Film FAQS

Common questions misconceptions and answers all about PPF

Yes you can, although we do reccomend a trained professional to undertake removal, removal of paint protection film is 100% safe for your vehicle. you must remove the film within its warranty time period to guarentee safety in removal.
Yes you can, some care is still required especially around exposed edges, most car wash facilities have experience with ppf on cars, let them know when you take your car that your vehicle has ppf and you should have no issues. The only acception is that you stay away from automated car wash machines.
Our range of ppf offered guarentees no yellowing over the warranty period of its lifetime. Some cheaper and less renowned brands to yellow due to their lack of UV resistance
Yes you can and there a many advantages of going down this route as opposed to getting vinyl wrap. one main feature is the advantage of the non adheasive surface of the film and its extra durability thickness compared to vinyl wrap
The main reason is the cost of the material, it can sometimes be tripple the price in comparison, in saying this the technology and features of the film are not on the same level as it vinyl wrap counterpart. They are two completely different compositions in material and need to be treated as such.
Funny enough the complete oposite is better for ppf. The sun and heat helps amplify the self healing ability of the film and will help stimulate the gloss effect on the films surface.